Heterogeneous Floor Coating






It is a multi-layer vinyl that comes in a heterogeneous floor coating roll. It has a printed top layer making it rich in colors and designs. According to the substrate of our heterogeneous vinyl, there are two types as dense bottom and foaming bottom. Due to its good elasticity, the foam sole feels more comfortable when pressed. Still, the wear resistance of the dense sole is more durable.

Being a commercial grade floor, vinyl floor rolls perform well in many areas. They normally come in 2mm thick, 2m wide and 20m long in a roll. But you can easily cut it with a knife to suit your application. Its ease of installation and maintenance makes it preferred by many customers. In addition, these flexible vinyl floors not only provide comfort underfoot, but also reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents. It can also relieve pain when an accident occurs. As a result, heterogeneous vinyl flooring rolls are an excellent option for large areas with heavy traffic.

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Heterogeneous Floor Coating Properties

Flooring type: Polyurethane Coated Heterogeneous Sheet
Thickness/wear layer: 2mm/0.4mm in stock (2.6mm and 3mm thicknesses are also available.)
Size (Width*Length): 2m*20m per roll
Wear group: T-Group standard EN649 according to the test
Dimensional stability: ≤0.40% according to EN434 test
Application: railway stations, airports, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, healthcare, etc. Perfect for heavy traffic areas such as

What is Heterogeneous Floor Coating?

  • Heterogeneous means layered or multiple type. In this type of product, each of the layers looks a little different. It has a backing layer, a coated core layer, and a top wear layer. Consider a hamburger or layer cake to help remember. When you look at it from above, it looks like one thing, but when you cut out and look at a section, you see so many different layers, with each layer serving a different purpose.

Heterogeneous vinyl floor covering is a multi-layer vinyl sheet product that is perfect for commercial and residential installations. With a wide range of decorative options, designers and architects find it difficult to choose.

Hygienic, attractive and functional, the heterogeneous range is suitable for installations that require high-end design, which also requires durability, comfort and hygiene.

Heterogeneous Floor Coating Prices

Heterogeneous Floor Coating

Heterogeneous Flooring A multi-layer product requires a multi-stage manufacturing process. We start with a carrier product. In the case of most heterogeneous commercial products, this is typically fiberglass. Then we apply a liquid coating with a roller. This coating can be on the top, the back, or, as with most Mannington Commercial products, both on the top and the bottom.

After the liquid coatings are applied, the material passes through an oven that cures the vinyl coatings on both sides of the fiberglass. This process creates the basic layers of the product and creates the canvas for printing the visual design.

Next is the rotogravure printing process. Rotogravure is a big word for a highly complex printing process. This process is what gives the product its distinctive visual created by our design department. Inspired by natural wood, tile, woven or even an abstract look, each pattern is split into different elements to create layers of the image. Each of these visual layers is then engraved on a cylinder used in the printing process.

The sheet vinyl formed in the pregel process described previously passes between the impression cylinder and the impression cylinder. It takes the ink and prints the engraved image onto the vinyl. Each roller adds more color and design elements to the pattern. The process may include up to seven impression cylinders, depending on the complexity of the design.

What are Heterogeneous Floor Coating Prices? How to Apply;

Before laying on a heterogeneous PVC floor, it is desirable that the substrate be of high strength, and that it should be free of dust, dirt, plaster, paint and loose materials. That’s why before the pvc floor is made

How to apply self leveling screed.

In this way, a high-strength, crack-free, clean, level and smooth surface is obtained.

Heterogeneous Floor Coating Usage Areas:

Schools, kindergartens, kindergartens, libraries, driving schools, hospitals, health centers, dispensaries, polyclinics, laboratories, pharmacies, cafes, restaurants, cultural centers, art galleries, museums, shopping centers, fitness centers, gymnasiums, dance schools, It is recommended for use in sports fields, veterinarians, hairdressers and beauty salons, spa and massage centers, parking lots, amusement parks, hotels, hostels, banks, municipal buildings, ornamental and swimming pools, business and trade centers, supermarkets, movie studios.

Multiple layers of colors and patterns are added as you go through each stage to create the final image. The first station can be a background color, the next station can be the scalloped edges of the grainy vein view, advance to character elements such as knotholes or grainy veins, and continue to create a beautiful grainy grainy image. Each layer is built on top of the last until the full design is revealed.

A wear layer is applied on top of the printed pregelled layer. For Mannington Commercial products, this is our proprietary Quantum Guard Elite® urethane wear surface.

At this point, the total product passes through a textured roller to create an embossed texture to complement the image and provide even more performance features. The product then passes through a series of temperature-controlled furnaces to harden the wear layer and finish the product.

If that seems like too many steps, it is. However, this is what it takes to achieve the rich visual appearance and superior performance that characterize Mannington Commercial products.

Regardless of whether the product is built with a single layer or multiple layers, flexible sheet offers performance features and benefits well-suited to demanding commercial environments.

Homogeneous and heterogeneous sheet products make up a significant portion of the total commercial flooring market. Mannington Commercial is well positioned, with its heritage of superior quality, in-house manufacturing capabilities and expertise, to rank high in this important category and market.

Difference Between Heterogeneous Flooring and Homogeneous Flooring
Design and Color

Heterogeneous vinyl floor coating has more color and design options than homogeneous vinyl flooring.

A homogeneous vinyl flooring sheet is made by a special process from PVC materials of various colors. It is a single pattern. If it is homogeneous, the mold forming mechanism is more difficult and the production process is complex. There are only two types of tiling patterns: faceted floral patterns and non-directional patterns. And the whole production of homogeneous flooring process strictly control the color uniformity and color difference.

Because heterogeneous vinyl flooring sheet is a multi-layer structure, its printed layer arranges various colors. The printing layer of heterogeneous vinyl flooring changes the colors and patterns of the flooring. The variety of flooring colors are wood grain, carpet grain, stone grain and other types of patterns. Moreover, heterogeneous layer color is a very simple principle of printing layer.


Sound Absorber

Since the heterogeneous vinyl floor contains a foam layer, the sound absorption effect is much better than the homogeneous floor.


Fire Resistance

Due to the higher stone dust content in homogeneous vinyl flooring, its fire performance is better than heterogeneous vinyl flooring.


Indent Resistance

Since the homogeneous vinyl floor has a higher stone dust content, the anti-indentation performance is also better.


Scratch Repair Performance

Because homogeneous ground is a single layer structure. This feature makes it have a refresh function. Light scratches can be buffed, polished and repaired with a grinder, re-polished like new, and a longer service life. But heterogeneous flooring cannot do this.

Heterogeneous vinyl is a multi-layer vinyl with a printed top layer that provides endless design possibilities, lasting performance and low maintenance. Our heterogeneous vinyl floor coating is perfectly adapted for almost all application areas and we offer custom flooring solutions such as acoustic vinyl, non-slip vinyl and loose-lay vinyl. Go to the images below and explore our wide range of products.